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The home page of Paul R. Jorgenson
of Phoenix, Arizona.

Paul's World Time Clocks

Paul's southwest weather collection.

Paul's Arizona Radar Page

Watch Paul's Videos on YouTube

Videos of: Ride on model trains, weather, events!

Electric Locomotive - freestyle build by Paul - Click Here


Paul's Caver Radio Page

Video of Pressure and Humidity Experiments in Grand Canyon Caverns.

Communications and Electronics Section of the NSS
I was the Editor of SPELEONICS (2001-2011).

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Two Eagles - Across the Pacific by Balloon

I worked on the Two Eagles Balloon Team traveling to Japan to install electronics, worked in the Mission Control Center during the flight, and helped recover the balloon from Mazatlan Mexico after the double world record setting flight. Two pilots flew from Japan to Mexico in 2015. It was a great team to work with.

The project Air Traffic Control Coordinators - Guy Feltman, Kevin Miko, Paul Jorgenson.

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Volcano Cams

Mount St. Helens

Pu`u `O`o vent, Kilauea Volcano

Kilauea Summit

Earthquakes - latest and research.

Map Programs by Paul

Township, Range, Section to and from Latitude and Longitude manually.

Township, Range, Section to and from Latitude and Longitude in a Data File.

Gwen's Art

Gwen's Art Page

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