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The background of this page is a three-view drawing of the Briegleb BG-12/16 glider, which I modified slightly to be yellow. The BG-12/16 was available as a plans-built or kit-built sailplane during the late 1960's and early 1970's. It was the last in a series of all wood designs by Gus Briegleb. It has performance equal to, or better than, some of the production sailplanes of it's day. The first prototype BG-12 flew in 1956. The most widely built glider of the series was the BG-12B series, which first flew in 1963. The 12/16 first flew in 1968. It uses the same wing as the 12B but with a lower drag fuselage giving it up to a 36 to 1 glide ratio. At this theoretical maximum glide in still air, if you were 1 mile above the ground you would be able to glide 36 miles before landing. It is reported that over 350 sets of plans were sold for the BG seriesof gliders but less than 90 are still registered with the FAA today.

I flew and owned a BG-12/16, N7438, which is quite yellow.

Arizona State Records I earned in 2004.

Sports Class 200km Speed Record

Sports Class 200km Triangle Distance.

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