TRS Program by Paul R. Jorgenson - KE7HR

"Township, Range, Section, Meridian" to/from "Latitude, Longitude"

TRS is a Windows program (Version 1.1 now available - see Download section) that is based on the program libraries of Martin Wefald. His original work and the DOS program can be seen at his TRS2LL webpage. (Watch out for the Geocities popups!)

TRS is written in Visual Basic and allows the Windows user to have a familiar interface to the program. All input and output can be selected by the mouse and keyboard. Using the TAB key will move logically through the form to the next input box or control. No provision is made for file input or output. Users can currently cut and paste into the form, like normal Windows programs.

If you need to find the latitude and longitude for large numbers of TRS points, see the program TRSfile website.

Latitude and longitude for 'LL to TRS' can be input as decimal degrees (ex: 33.60325), degrees and minutes (ex: 33 36.195), or degrees, minutes, and seconds (ex: 33 36 11.7). Latitude and longitude output from 'TRS to LL' is always in the form of degrees, minutes, and seconds. It is possible to put too much information (ex: 33.67 36.195 11.7) in the latitude or longitude boxes. The program is happy to add up all of the input and will base all calculations on all input. Leave any boxes blank (minutes or seconds) as needed to avoid confusion.

Townships need to always be input as the number right next to the N or S (ex:3N). Ranges need to always be input as the number right next to the E or W (ex: 3E). Townships or ranges that are 1/2 values should be input as decimals (ex: 12.5N).

The State and Meridian boxes are 'pull downs' with all of the possible combinations that are available. The State input is active when the 'LL to TRS' function is used. If you are unsure of the State when entering a Latitude and Longitude, then leave the State box blank. The meridian is an important factor in obtaining proper output from the program. Many states have more than one meridian and several states share one meridian. See the meridian maps below which are slices of the BLM 'Principal Meridians and Base Lines Governing The United States Public Land Surveys' map.

Errors in input will generate messages. If the latitude and longitude point does not fall within the boundaries of the program, then you will get an error message.

If the township, range, section, state, or meridian inputs cause an error then you will get an error message.

I am quite sure that not all errors are caught and the user is cautioned to check output to assure that the data is correct! Check your meridian!

This program only covers the 17 western states that the program libraries from Martin Wefald address. NO expansion of this area is planned.

Coverage map for TRS in the 17 states and the meridians.

Want the program?

A zip file with the installation program for TRS is available here.

CAUTION Large File! 1.9Mb.

Version 1.1 is now the download file. The boxes for Township, Range, and Section were increased in size to allow larger numbers and decimal fractions of a division to be seen. Township and Range will now allow 123.75N and 123.75W to be seen. Section will now allow 36.75 to be seen.

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